Our Work in the Healthcare Industry

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At ATEL Communications, we offer HIPAA-certified solutions and a wide range of IT technology for clients from large hospitals to small clinics. With our managed IT services, you get complete support for all your entire business with your communication systems, networking systems, cyber security, and data. IT managed services provided by ATEL Communications include:

Cloud – Whether through your private cloud or hosted in our data centers.

  • Cloud-hosted services for voice, data, and networking.
  • Cloud migration services

Security – HIPAA Compliance and protection with advanced threat combat and prevention.

  • Cyber security services
  • Workplace-as-a-service
  • IT security-as-a-service

Network and IT infrastructure – We handle your entire IT technology and data for safety and enhanced security.

  • Server installation and management
  • VoIP and workstation management, maintenance, and installation with both clinical and non-clinical support.
  • Data backup ad disaster recovery strategy

By partnering with us, we guarantee that your operations will run smoother and more efficient. Providing patients with the best care is your business, and our mission is to enable you to be 100% dedicated to those who need your organization the most. By utilizing our managed service, you benefit from reduced operating costs, a modernized work environment with the latest technology, quality on and off-site support, more efficient employees, which equals to improved care giving experience, and much more.

What is Software-as-a-Service and What Advantages Does it Bring to Your Business?

Posted on: August 22nd, 2019 by admin

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What is software-as-a-service (SaaS)? SaaS is an internet service that allows you to access your applications and software safely and securely online on a dedicated virtual server. No costly equipment or hardware is needed, so you save a lot in annual costs. Software-as-a-service provides enterprise-level applications and software tools such as financial management, human resources, and customer relationship management, as well as email, sales reports, billing, and more.

As cloud technology has continued to have a massive impact on the way businesses are operating, platforms like software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and more have made managing a business more affordable and convenient. Advantages of SaaS include: low investment and initial cost, reduced labor costs, easy integration with your current networks and equipment, simple upgrades, and even managed updates. SaaS is an excellent solution for SMBs as well as any business looking to reduce their overall operational costs and enhance performance.

No system is perfect, and software-as-a-service may not be the best solution depending on the type of business that you have. If your organization uses an on-premises system that works for your operations, integrating a service like SaaS can be complicated and unnecessary. At ATEL Communications, we can find a solution that works for your business and even perform an evaluation to figure out what will improve your business operations and save you money. Learn more.

How ATEL Communications Got a Client Over Half a Million Dollars in Savings

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Our clients are looking for innovative, cutting-edge technology with results that will save them money. We can get your business set up with feature-rich systems in addition to saving you money and increasing overall profits. Earlier this year ATEL Communications acquired a deal with an 8-location health facility that staffs over 120 employees. Leasing their old phone system and outsourcing their network and IT, they were in a contract with a provider costing them upwards of between 19-20K each month for services. They agreed that this was one of the costliest expenses that the health facility had, so we conducted an assessment resulting in an overall reduced monthly IT invoice to compensate for the losses they had incurred.

The Solution:

We did a complete overhaul of their systems and services to reduce their monthly costs and bills. Starting with switching their analog phone systems to a cloud-based hosted system that included features like call center, free calling between offices, voicemail integration and more; further increasing overall productivity and business efficiency. In addition, we were able to cut the cost of their voice lines by almost 50%.

Next, we set the health facility up with a different network provider as their previous provider was overcharging for their services. Our new service installation included fiber, and a constructed redundant active failover solution utilizing cable and 4G– this was a huge step up from the old circuits used by their previous provider. By upgrading to modern and updated systems as well as installing SDWAN devices throughout their campuses, we cut their network costs by over 55% and saved the facilities over $12,000 per month after installation.

The total value of savings for this client was $720,000 over 5 years with only their network and communication systems. ATEL Communications is currently in talks of including managed IT solutions for our client to further increase their overall savings with features that will take their business to the next level.

Do you want a complete managed solution to free up resources so you can focus on your business? Let us do a comprehensive assessment of your systems, bills, and providers to get you the best deal.

The Importance of an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

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Anything can negatively affect your business at any time, so having a business continuity plan with an effective disaster recovery component is vital. Any company with a substantial amount of data and information whether big or small should plan for the event of data loss, corruption, hacking, server or hardware failure, power outage or any other problem that could result in losing vital company and client information. Disasters may also pose a severe threat to security, so having a good recovery and backup strategy ensures that no one is compromised from your staff to your customers or clients.

At ATEL Communication, we are the team you need to create, design, implement and manage a system that fits your business, and we offer continuous support. There are many strategies involved in a recovery system; these steps allow for a company to go back to normal as soon as possible to reduce loss in productivity, data, revenue, and performance. These strategies include:

  • Data Backup – critically essential in keeping your business running in the event of potential data loss. Cloud backup (or online backup) services keep the ever-changing data on your servers stored at an off-site server and continuously stays up to date at all times. If there is ever an outage, your latest data is secured and can restore itself fast and easy.
  • Proper Recovery Procedures – Ensuring that equipment and recovery of applications are taken care of, we implement a recovery period of up to 24 hours to allow for the systems and networks to be worked on and fixed so that business can return to normal. This critical period is where a lot of time and effort is spent on getting the business back to functionality.
  • Network and Application Assessment – After everything is back up, evaluating the systems for efficiency and performance helps to make sure that there are no holes or unknown routes where a threat or further damage can occur. At this stage, security procedures are also reassessed.
  • Maintenance and continuous support– After systems are back up and running; a follow-up will be done to ensure that operations are continuing to run smoothly and error-free. We also offer on-going system maintenance, so your systems are never left unattended.

We are there for your business every step of the way. It is imperative to us that our clients and your business go back to normal so that you don’t take a loss of business. Using our services, we can save you time, money and give you peace of mind for your business. Learn more about what we offer. Learn more about what we offer.

Where Hospitality Meets Communication

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At ATEL Communications, we have solutions for all of your voice and network needs from IT Managed Services and Internet to Expense Management and more. The voice solutions we offer can grow and expand your business and impress clientele and staff. Learn more about some of the companies we service. Having a trustworthy and reliable communications provider behind your business can elevate you to the next level, and we offer support every step of the way.

Our services and solutions have helped organizations for years, and we continue to aim to provide exceptional service and innovative technology for your business. With services like:

Voice Solutions – Looking for the most effective and efficient phone system for your hospitality business? Hotels, restaurants, bars, and other providers need to communicate effectively with both their staff and patrons. We ensure that your company has the best and most cutting-edge systems that will exceed your and your customer’s needs.

  • Traditional Premise-based phones systems – An easy, affordable and dependable system that has user-friendly features perfect for communication between staff and customers. Premise phone systems offer better security and reliability due to the secure connection. We are a provider of premise phone from brands like Mitel, NEC, Plantronics and more.
  • Cloud-based PBX – With enhanced call routing features, more manageable data storage, overall reduced start-up costs, and better employee productivity, businesses moving to cloud-based phone systems are on the rise. The features and capabilities of Voice-over-IP phones are unmatched, from call forwarding, auto attendant, and reduced costs due to less hardware storage and better data storing; staff is better equipped with the tools needed to provide excellent customer service and can communicate from anywhere due to the flexibility and mobility of cloud-based phone systems. ATEL Communications offers the cloud phone systems from brands like 8×8, Jive Communications, Vonage Business Solutions, RingCentral and more.
  • Hybrid phone systems – Hybrid phone systems offer the benefit of being both digital and over the internet(IP) making a hybrid system very efficient by offering cordless and handset options. Installing a hybrid system may be more cost-effective as well because they support both new and old cabling. Hybrid phone systems also offer better call routing and call logging features that will be sure to please your guests when they need assistance ASAP. We provide hybrid phone systems from only the top brands like NEC, Allworx, Vonage Business Phone Solutions, Mitel, and more.
  • Video conferencing systems for meeting rooms – Investing in customer satisfaction is the aim of any business. Huddle rooms, Meeting, and conference rooms offer organizations with the convenience to come together and meet while reducing costs and provides your clientele the ability to stay connected while traveling. We can create your conference with the best communication and collaborative technology around. From providers like Cisco, LifeSize®, Polycom and more you’ll have a fantastic space for people to enjoy.

ATEL Communications is proud to offer an outstanding solution for your hospitality business. With around-the-clock support, innovative technology, managed services, superior security and more we ensure that your business is taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help grow your business.

Maintaining a Secure Environment With Video Surveillance

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People deserve to feel safe at the places they spend most of their day. It doesn’t matter if it’s students at a school, employees at the office, or patrons of a hotel. They should feel like the location they’re at is protected and secure, and the easiest way to do that is by keeping your premise safe with Video Surveillance.

Not only will you be able to maintain a secure environment but you’ll be able to give your employees, students, or patrons a feeling of safety. You’ll be able to detect any potential threats with high-quality video feeds and be able to save recorded footage at that same quality. We’ll even be able to integrate your system seamlessly into other security systems you may have such as an alarm system.

It can take a lot off of peoples minds if they know they’re safe, and video surveillance can provide that. With ATEL Communications you’ll not only be able to maintain safety and security, but you’ll be able to do at the highest quality at the lowest price. Contact us today to get started on your Video Surveillance to maintain a secure environment.

The Benefits of Structured Cabling

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You are going along your work day and just as you are about to submit what you’ve finished working on the network goes down. You let out a sigh and go to see what the problem might be. The door to the server room opens, and your eyes widen. You are met with a massive mess of tangled cables, and can’t make heads or tails of what cable goes to what part of the system. Now what could have been an easy fix now requires your in-house IT to spend their day trying just to untangle the mess. If you don’t have your own IT, then you have to call another company for IT to support hoping they can respond in a timely fashion. The worst part is this could have been avoided with Structured Cabling.

Having your cabling properly structured for not just your network but for other systems like your phone and Ethernet offers with it a host of benefits:

  1. Simplicity

    Problems caused by things like the example above with messy wires and cables will no longer be an issue. Not only will your cables be managed but also organized properly, as well as potentially replacing your multiple wire system with a single structured cable system. Eliminating the complexity of having multiple wiring frameworks, making it easier to identify problems and resolve them.

  2. Flexibility
    With structured cabling, you will gain several new benefits that allow you more flexibility with your business. Moving things in your office around? Now instead of the headache of dealing with wires, you can just plug in anywhere and continue work. Need to relocate your office to a new location? Now with structured cabling, you only have to dismantle one infrastructure to move.

  3. Cost Effective
    Probably the benefits everyone is interested in is how it can help save your business money. One of the key ways it can save you money is that it reduces the need for things to be updated, power costs, as well as lowering your maintenance costs. The consolidation of your system made by structured cabling additionally allows you to minimize the size of the staff you would have had monitoring your old system.

Now you can recognize how dealing with that mess of cables in your office sooner rather than later can benefit your business. Don’t wait for your current cabling to be a problem call ATEL Communications and get everything Structured Cabling can offer.

Learn more about Structured Cabling

Managing your IT Security Needs

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The saying goes – anything that is connected to the internet should have antivirus and cybersecurity protections. It’s the best way to protect your valuable data, such as financials, personal details, trade secrets, passwords, and any data about your habits or business operations. Hackers and phishers don’t just go for the big companies, they also look for vulnerable, smaller networks. Don’t be an easy target – invest in a professional IT security solution to protect your network from viruses, malware, phishing emails, ransomware and trojans.

As part of our IT Managed Services, we provide comprehensive security solutions designed to protect your privacy and keep your data in safe hands. This includes 24/7 monitoring of your system to identify vulnerabilities and detect intrusions. We ensure that everything is up to date and compliant, with the latest protections in place. This is especially important for your data backups and cloud systems, as service providers use updates to plug holes in their protections and identify new threats.

Don’t know what types of protections your network needs? Don’t worry! Our trained experts conduct a complete security assessment. They know all the tricks of the trade and can advise you on the next steps. This lets you focus on your business, instead of worrying whether your network is safe.

Learn more about how we can take care of your IT systems with our Managed Services…

One-Stop Shop for Communications

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Are you tired of calling different communications companies and trying to get all their services to work together? You need a one-stop shop that can handle all your communications needs. That’s exactly what you get when you call ATEL!

Whether you need help with your premise based equipment or you are thinking about a move to the cloud, you can find all the solutions you need to stay connected in one place! You don’t have time to call four different companies to try to get four different systems to work together. Save time and money by having one team of experts handle all your IT needs!

If you are thinking about Hosted, Cloud, or Premise-based communications… Think ATEL!

Staying Busy

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ATEL has been busy working with the City of Escondido to replace their legacy phone system that cover 600 stations, everywhere from Police and Fire Departments to administrative and community buildings! Although the competition was tough, ATEL was chosen to be the number one solution provider for all voice services!

ATEL brings more than 3 decades of expertise to every install we work on to help bring our clients the tools they need to succeed! From business telephones to VoIP and cyber security, whatever your telecommunications needs are, we’ve got you covered!

Find out why so many of our clients trust ATEL to keep them connected!